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Synthetic Frames

Synthetic Frames

The synthetic pvc frames, are made of Polyvinyl chloride. PVC window frames -unlike most plastics- consist of 43% oil, while the remaining 57% is common cooking salt. This is an entirely new composition, much more refined than the one of simple plastic, which is made from rubber. Synthetic PVC windows are an innovative way of making frames, that is on the rise in the Greek region as well.

Why should I choose synthetic PVC frames for my windows;

The PVC frames, especially compared to the common aluminium window ones, hold a significant competitive advantage. Specifically, PVC windows help with:

where they are installed. This is possible, due to the fact that plastic is a bad conductor of heat. The significant increase of thermal insulation they provide, is especially highlighted when compared with the common aluminum window frames, which have no thermal insulation properties, except for those that also contain polyamide.



RAL certification

Portareto’s own frames and entrance profiles are certified by various PVC certifications and most importantly RAL. Due to this fact, all our products are subjected to regular quality controls.

The RAL quality badge, is given strictly to products that are either manufactured or offered, according to high and fully-defined quality standards. Additionally, these products are regularly monitored by independent institutes, such as the SKZ plastics center in southern Germany and Institute for Technology of frames, IFT. The goal is to ensure continuous functionality for quality frames and your entrances, so you can use them for decades, without problems.


ISO-9001 certification

The Aluplast GmbH company is already certified according to ISO, for more than 20 years.. Applying this quality management system requires continuous development and improvement of procedures and products, which are regularly monitored by the BSI (British Standards Institution) certification body. It is a fact that quality orientation is very important for us, in every part of the process.


CE certification

The CE badge is a mark of the European CENstandardization committee. This badge determines for all Europe and regardless the material, the main features and performance classification of frames and entrances. It also shows compliance and accordance of the product line, with the applicable European standards and guidelines. Moreover, it reduces trading barriers and enables the product’s marketability to all Europe. The frame profiles for quality windows and entrances of Aluplast meet the CE directives and furthermore, their compliance is monitored at regular intervals by the IFT (Institute for frames technology).